Broker Sponsorship Disclaimer
Last Updated on September 26, 2017
sponsorship DISCLAIMER :

1. Agent’s submission of the application to broker does not constitute an offer and/or acceptance by applicant and/or broker. Applicant and broker agree that no agreement concerning sponsorship will be formed until broker has signed an Independent Contractor Agreement executed by agent. ANY SUCH AGREEMENT IS SPECIFICALLY DENIED BY BROKER.

2. Agent’s participation in the Texas Apartment Locator Sponsor Program is subject to sponsoring broker’s final approval. Broker’s decision to evaluate agent’s application is NOT a guaranty agent’s application will be approved by TREC nor that broker will agree to sponsor agent.

3. As part of broker’s approval of agent’s application, broker will investigate all the following:

ta. The status of agent’s real estate license;
b. Whether agent is currently a defendant in any lawsuit or other claim relating to the practice of real estate;
c. Whether agent has been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude; and
d. Whether agent is a currently a debtor in a voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceeding.

4. Broker reserves the right to deny agent’s application for any reason at broker’s sole discretion.

5. Before submitting agent’s application for the program, agent has conducted agent’s own research into the program and whether or not agent will benefit from his/her participation in the program.

6. Agent acknowledges that broker does not guaranty agent will make a certain income or any income from agent’s participation in the program. Agent specifically denies relying on any representation of broker that agent will make any amount, remuneration, or sum from agent’s participation in the program.

7. Although the program takes advantage of policies and regulations promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, the Texas Real Estate Commission does NOT sponsor nor is it affiliated in any way with the program. I HAVE READ THIS ENTIRE DISCLAIMER AND UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS.

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